1989, Tyson Excuses 1981, Least Interesting People, Twenty-five 1991, Tele-Scam Home Shopping Club undated, New Crimes 1976, Interview With Olympics President 1990, Crimebusters Bulletin 1986, Namath Bachelor Memorabilia, Joe undated, Movie Blackouts 1985, X-Rated Nursery Rhymes 1978, TV Promo Blackouts undated, Great Moments In History (Intros) 1989, Audience Giveaways undated, Presidents, The 1980, People Magazine Readers' Poll undated, Mr. And Ms. 1986, Goulet Guest Host, Props 1987, Big "D" 1983, Green Grocer Joe Cabbageoni The stick isn't the only piece of adaptive technology relevant to the story. Unfortunately most entrepreneurs do a poor imitation of Dickie; we try to be all things to all people. 1985, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Nothing beats learning a lesson on someone else's dime. undated, Healthy Pursuits 1983, What I'm Thankful For 1988, Disaster Guide 1980, Turbo: Against Laws Prohibiting Smoking undated, Promo-Nashville 1984, TV Shows Scheduled During Sweeps undated, Turbo: Against Pay Television 1989, Entertainment Survey undated, One Hundred-One Free Things To Do This Summer 1987, Holm's Single "Monia", Peter undated, Joan Collins Health Club Ad undated, Summer Camp Counselor 1981, Schneer: I. R. S. Spokesperson 1976, How Cold Was It undated, Olympic Events 1986, Philharmonic, Tonight Show 1984, Homework School Of The Air 1985, First Photographs 1990, Hold Music 1991, Naked Mole Rat Footage 1990, Products Around The World 1986, Christmas TV Specials 1987, Network Slogans 1991, Turbo: Against Women in Locker Rooms 1975, Altered Car Logos 1986, Unsung Little People Behind Oscars 1975, Burbank Police Benefit undated, Bad Jobs Held By Celebrities 1982, Turbo: Favors Sexual Harrassment 1990, New Federalism, The undated, Items Belonging To Celebrities undated, Celebrity Garbage 1980, Man From Frozen Country, The 1987, Book Of Strange Facts, The 1991, Flattened Fauna 1989, Really Important Survey 1988, Predictions 1987, Christmas Song Take-Offs undated, Predictions For 1976 1983, New Pilots, The 1988, Messages From Home 1986, Hershiser's Extra Arm, Orel 1986, Tonight Show Material undated, Additional Amendments to the Constitution 1988, Wheel Of Year-End Jokes 1985, Summer Movies (Photo Spot) 1983, Schneer: Pentagon Spokesman 1982, Fifty Years Of Lost And Found At NBC 1988, Novelty Products undated, Household Safety Tips undated, Carpenter During Sweeps undated, Olympic Torch, The 1991, Comic President, The 1987, Carnac The Magnificent 1978, Commercial Blackouts undated, Book Store/ Video Store Quiz 1985, People Poll 1979, Things To Do On Labor Day Before the show, Johnny was a well known comedian, TV host and producer. 1991, Sununu's Transportation undated, Manual For Ladies 1981, Cronkite's Final Broadcast, Walter 1981, Aunt Blabby (Trip To Europe) 1986, Free Things To Do This Summer In Southern California 1986, Lasorda Lines, Tommy 1982, Johnny Carson Tonight Show script collection undated, Golden Fleece Awards 1978, New Woman's Guide To Getting Married 1983, Dr. Ruth 1991, Book Store/ Video Store Test 1990, Mickey Mouse 1989, Homework School Of The Air undated, Aunt Blabby (Inaugural Visit) For. 1985, Writers' Strike Demands 1976, Aunt Blabby 1986, Tonight Show Blank Minute 1986, Halley's Comet Photo undated, Shower With The Star 1986, Quickie Books 1982, Stocks To Buy, Stocks Not To Buy undated, Mid-Year Predictions 1976, Difference Between Men And Women 1983, Celebrity Yearbook 1983, What's Your View Of TV? 1990, Heston Monologue, Chuckie 1989, Kids' Endings To Proverbs 1989, Chia Pet Theft, The 1990, Band Pledge Mighty Carson Art Players- "G. Walter Schneer- D.M.V.". undated, Blockbuster Movies 1982, Things To Do On New Year's Eve 1982, Carnac The Magnificent 1984, Public Service Announcements 1984, Famous Last Words I think that it's important to be a human being first and an employee second. 1990, Audience Demographic Survey undated, Book Of Failure 1988, Junk Food From Commissary 1986, Child Pilot 1990, Johnny's Superstitious Rituals 986, What Americans Are Doing During A Baseball Strike 1983, Summer Songs 1981, Turbo: Opposed To Women Newscasters 1984, Carson Classified 1983, Predictions For 1990's 1989, Miss America Measurements 1983, Bonsai 2000 Knife undated, Weather, Cycle Of 1982, Psychic Predictions For 1983 1986, Specialized Insurance Policies 1991, International Signs 1981, Commercial Actors School 1986, Johnny's New Job Title 1989, Audience Graduation, Tonight Show undated, Beezer The Lonely Parakeet undated, Newly-Discovered Works Of Musical Greats undated, Turbo: The First 1989, Expressions You Never Hear undated, Mother's Day Gifts/Ads/Diaper Commerical Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s) . 1975, Talk Show Starter Kit 1992, Tea-Time Movie: Scam Tram 1987, Salute To Barstow 1988, Mozart's Unknown Symphony Blackout undated, Letter To Mrs. 1982, Football Signals 1988, Psychic Predictions That's why it's so important for you to understand its limitations. 1976, Personalized License Plates undated, Tabloids Headlines On Other Magazines We'd like to hear your strategy for discovering what you shouldn't be doing at work. 1978, Carnac The Magnificent 1985, State Of The Union Rehearsal 1984, Canadian Composites 1985, Valentine's Day Love Letter From The Audience undated, Norwalk's Johnny Carson Factor 1975, Collectibles 1 VB. 1976, Tea-Time Movie: Hay-U 1980, Least Played Songs, Extras undated, Turbo: Favor Of Tobacco 1981, Carnac The Magnificent 1980, Consumer Supporter, The In the later years, as his hearing and eyesight were failing, Hope's guest appearances became even more of a trial. undated, Supermarket Etiquette 1984, Toasts 1976, Cupid 1991, Supreme Court Justice Quiz undated, State License Plate Slogans 1987, Phobias 1981, Psychological Test 1986, Halley's Comet Spot Did their credibility decrease? 1987, Talk At Desk undated, Carson Reports: Abscam 1984, President Reagan Phone Call 1991, Messages From Home 1986, Naming The Baby 1987, Consumer Reporter, David Howitzer 1985, Commercial Actors School 1985, I Want 1989, Calendars His farewell show in 1992 drew 50 million viewers. 1982, Things To Do In The Summer, 101 undated, Hourly News, The 1982, Things Worth Saving About America undated, Cupid, Dan 1986, Twas The Night Before Christmas, Reagan Reading 1991, Entomologist, The 1986, Little Known Disasters 1984, Dine And Dance With Star 1990, Million Year Old Man, 3.6 1987, Home Repairman's Language, Translating 1981, Malibu Restaurant 1980, Shogun Walk-On undated, Columbo Sketch 1981, Pen Pals 1981, Remote, Howard K. - Madison Avenue Executive Floyd R. Turbo- "Against Televised Presidential Debates", Desk- "Unusual Expenditures Made by The Government", Desk- "Famous People with February Birthdays", Desk- "Sayings of the Ayatollah Khomeini", Sketch- "Waiting For a Bus at Olympics"; 'Who Is Bert Parks?' undated, Memorable Quotes 1981, Vacation Films, Unusual 1985, Comments On The Set 1990, Tonight Show Stats Dickie The Stick 1980. 1990, Santa's Helper (Tim Conway) 1982, Variety Club Tribute, Reagan 1989, Pilot Rules undated, Dog Pilot Video 1990, Least Wanted Words In Obituary 1980, Special Interest Groups 1982, As The White House Turns 1987, In An Average Life undated, Animal on the Street Interview 1981, Movies That Were Not Nominated For An Oscar 1985, Things To Do During The Holidays 1982, Evening News In 2002, The 1990, Composite Candidate, The undated, Carson Reports: D. D. Cooper 1991, Odds (Audience Survey) undated, Telegram From Reagan To Tommy 1976, Constitution-Era Presidential Candidate 1987, New Year's Eve Ideas The following is a list of episodes of the television series The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson which aired in 1980: 1980 January. 1992, Turbo: Favor Of Skylab Crash 1984, Running Mate Game, The 1980, What I Have Learned 1981, Late-Breaking Election Results 1983, Shower With A Star 1988, Forest Ranger My wife and I were watching "The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson" one night in April, 1985 . The problem is that you can often learn more from the organizations that screw up. 1980, Aunt Blabby (Thanksgiving) Commercial Blackouts: "Paul Gasson Wine", "Beritol Vitamins", "V-8 Juice" and "Circle One, Two, Three, And Four Dog Food". undated, Turbo: Against The 1984 Olympics In Los Angeles undated, Bicentennial Pics 1976, Cosell At Olympics, Howard 1986, Job Euphemisms 1987, Christmas Cards 1987, Indiscretions Of The Famous 1989, Recycling Household Items 1980, Tea-Time Movie: Horns R Us 1985, Auditor Sketch 1990, Happy Birthday Fred undated, Billboard (Jock Letter) 1986, Martin Barroom Clip, Billy undated, Horoscopes 1986, Subbing For Robert Q. Lewis 1988, Groundhog Interview 1984, News Teasers During Sweeps 1980, News Blackouts Meat Cutters' Strike 1976, Horror Films undated, Cable Television Shows 1989, Origin Of Christmas Traditions, The 1984, Regional English undated, What They Could Have Been 1988, Calendars, Nineteen Ninety 1976, How To Be A Good Lover 1982, Nude Staff Layouts undated, Presidential Aides 1987, Sagan, Carl 1992, Light Her Fire 1989, Columbo On Fairyland undated, Movies That Didn't Get Oscar Nominations 1981, Turbo: Anti-Census 1987, FBI Most Wanted Posters 1987, Complete History Of The World In Four Minutes 1987, Audience Graduation, Tonight Show 1988, Flu Bugs 1975, Dear Miss Liberty 1985, Excerpts From Fred's Diary undated, Keep Life On Earth A Secret undated, Celebration Of Spring undated, Children's Proverbs Sure it's important, but it's not worth beating yourself up over. 1986, Calendars, Nineteen Eighty-Seven Sketch- "Dickie the Stick" 5,276: December 14, 1984 () Father Guido Sarducci, Helen Slater, Arthur Jones and wife Terri: N/A: Aunt Blabby: 5,277: 1986, Santa Letters 1982, Available Men for New Year's Eve Date 1984, Click-Offs undated, Replacement Product Slogans undated, CIA Sketch 1972, Tea-Time Movie: Various My favorite routine of his was during the holidays when Johnny would feature his favorite gifts. 1985, Gossip 1986, Lighting Of The Hat, The 1989, Celebrity Products 1976, How Romantic Are You 1988, Buttocks Description 1985, Star Merchandising Items undated, Book Errors 1987, Dickie The Stick 1978, Interview With Abraham Lincoln's Brother 1992, Eyewitless News 1976, Shoes For Imelda 1990, I Want 1981, Chevette In The Snowdrift, The 1979, Eyewitless News 1991, Jobs -- Does your mission statement help you decide what you shouldn't be doing? 1985, One-hundred One Ways You Can Fight Inflation 1991, Consumer Supporter, The 1982, Real Estate Seminar TV Guy 1982, Christmas Cards, Unusual 1980, Outhouse Clipping undated, Hollywood Rumors 1983, Excerpts From Fred's Diary 1982, Art Forgery 1990, Bobby Ewing, Shower Blackouts 1984, Movies That Didn't Get Oscar Nominations 1986, Famous Tax Cheats 1984, USA Sex Trivia 1985, Mutiny On The Bounty 1986, Showbiz Flashcards 1988, Reagan And Indian 1984, Great Moments In History 1984, How The Networks Select Names Characters "List of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson episodes"1980, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Bjrn Borg-John McEnroe championship match, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_The_Tonight_Show_Starring_Johnny_Carson_episodes_(1980)&oldid=1115484651, Lists of American non-fiction television series episodes, Lists of variety television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television articles with incorrect naming style, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Desk - "Veteran Personalities Who Are Still Employed". Two years ago it was going great guns. 1988, Pilots That Didn't Make It undated, Vacation Suggestions 1984, Aunt Blabby (Consumer Advocate) 1980, Save The Sketch 1975, Sweeps Billboards Johnny showed how you could turn Dickie into a gun, a playmate, even an airplane. 1986, Famous Gaffes 1975, TV Sweeps Vignettes Direkt kaufen. 1981, Guidelines In Case You Meet The Queen 1987, Telephone Answering Machines undated, Fast Food Trivia 1989, White Pumpkin Lines 1985, Corporate Takeovers 1983, Special Sweeps Shows 1987, Saint Patrick's Day Toasts Audience 1991, Anniversary Show, Twenty-Second 1975, Columbus Poem undated, Only In Los Angeles Johnny Carson was the host of The Tonight Show Starring Carson for three decades, from 1962 to 1992. Breast 1985, Gloves 1977, Commercial Blackouts 1990, Taboos Around The World 1987, Who's In Charge Here Yearbook 1991, NBC And You 1991, Holiday Euphemisms 1989, New Year's Baby Knowing the limitations of your product or service is a great place to start, but you also need to recognize the people it won't help. 1989, Jaws Interview undated, Turbo: Against Mandatory Seat Belts 1992, Saints 1983, Schneer: Phone Company Spokesman 1989, Tonight Show Horror Movie undated, Los Angeles' Official Song 1988, Reagan And Gorbachev At The Summit 1990, Housebuying Tips 1983, Hold Music 1989, Evening News With Mr. Rogers, The 1978, Man In The Iron Mask, The 1986, Psychic Predictions 1989, Lively Ball, The 1979, Barbara Walters Material 1986, Bond, James 1976, Guide To Los Angeles 1983, Jackson Giveaway, Michael 1976, Guest Notes 1988, Ask Doctor Dilly 1985, Christmas TV Specials 1982, Geneology Of The Audience undated, Eyewitless News, Eddie Murphy Endings 1976, Product Recalls undated, Advertising For A Wife undated, North Impressions, Oliver 1984, Tax Advice 1984, Library Questions (Master Set) 1986, Public Relations Slogans 1988, Mahareshi 1986, Lincoln Campaign Commercial 1982, Schneer: Airline Industry Representative 1980, Schneer: Insurance Industry Representative undated, Christmas TV Specials 1981, Pilots That Didn't Make It He would say, "Watch Dickie soar through the air" as he threw the stick. 1980, Military Running Airlines undated, Kiss And Tell Books Desk- David reads an article about a shortage of human bones and items made out of bones. Johnny Carson used to have a comedy routine called "Dickie the stick". We all have our heroes. undated, Lady In The Locker Room 1978, Weird College Courses 1989, Sagan, Carl 1986, Tonight Show Country Song, Writers' Version undated, Census Questions 1977, Father Time Sketch 1982, Celebrity Yearbook 1990, Harlequin Romances For Macho Guys 1986, Audience Laugh Tracks 67346 Speyer. 1981, Library Questions 1984, President Reagan's Letter To Russian Girl 1981, Writers' Strike Demands 1986, Thatcher Hussein Insults 1985, Prove The Proverbs 1984, Unclaimed Money 1975, Newsletters 1986, Newsom! I'll give an autographed copy of "Working Wounded: Advice That Adds Insight to Injury" to the best entry, plus I'll write you a memo - to your boss, to a co-worker who's bugging you - that's sure to get attention. 1986, Least Important Americans, One-hundred 1991, Light Her Fire 1988, Foreign Translation Of American Products 1990, Trademarks For Sale 1985, Carson's Believe It Or Stuff It 1987, Johnny's Log Of Past Week (CNN) -- Johnny Carson, host of NBC's "The Tonight Show" for nearly 30 years, died Sunday of emphysema.

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